Rules of Using

Provisions regarding “cookies”


1. Amber trailers Aliaksei Paziuk informs that at the time of using the service in the User’s terminal equipment short textual information called “cookies” is saved. “Cookies” include the following data: name of a website, where “cookies” come from, the time of storing them on a terminal equipment of the User, parameters and statistics recording and a personal number. “Cookies” are addressed to the service’s server with the help of browser installed on the User’s device.

2. “Cookies” are used in the service with the aim of:

a. maintenance of a technical accuracy and continuity of the session between the service’s server and the User’s device;

b. optimization of webpages shown to the User and adjusting the method of displaying them on the User’s terminal equipment;

c. ensuring the safety of using the service;

d. collecting the statistics concerning the quantity of visits in order to improve the structure and the content of the website.

3. In the frames of the service two types of “cookies” are used: “session” and “persistent”. “Session cookies” are the files that are deleted from the User’s device after logging out of the service or after leaving the service’s internet pages or after switching a browser off. “Persistent cookies” are kept on the User’s device during the whole time specified in the “cookies” parameters or by the time of deleting them by the User. „Persistent cookies” are installed on the User’s device only after the User gives a permission for it.

4. Amber trailers Aliaksei Paziuk informs that:

a. internet browsers accept installing of the “cookies” on the User’s device by default. Each User of the service can change the „cookies” settings at any time in the browser to make it possible to block „cookies” automatically or to inform the User about every time “cookies” are saved in the User’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of using “cookies” services are available in the User’s browser settings;

b. “cookies” usage limited by the User can negatively affect a correctness and continuity of the services provided;

5. The identity of the User cannot be revealed by accepting “cookies”. Nevertheless, they may be a part of personal data shared by the User to Amber trailers Aliaksei Paziuk in the frames of the service usage.

6. Only Amber trailers Aliaksei Paziuk has an access to the “cookies” processed by the service.